Monday, April 12, 2004

Anyone Know How (if possible) To Activate Comments? 

If so, email me at dwm1209@yahoo.com. Thanks.

Local Democratic Campaign Websites 

John Kerry for Austin
Mark Strama for State Rep. Dist 50
Kelly White for State Rep Dist 48
Stephen Yelenosky for 345th District Judge
Lloyd Doggett for U.S. Congress Dist 25

Travis County Democratic Party

Be sure to bookmark all of these sites. Mark Strama in 50 andKelly White in 48 are two big races to keep an eye on this fall. As always, all of the sites have contribution links on them.

April 13 Runoff -- Does It Even Matter?? 

If you're a Democrat in Travis County, the runoff tomorrow will be of little value to you. The only Democratic race on the ballot is the Precint 4 Constable Race, where Incumbent Maria Canchola takes on Leticia Lugo. The Democrats had expected several races -- such as Sheriff and District Judge 200th -- to go to runoffs, but Greg Hamilton and Gisela Triana spoiled those expectations with huge victories.

The big Republican races are as follows:
Former U.S. Attorney (and Austinite) Mike McCaul is taking on Houston businessman Ben Streusand. This has been an extremely negative campaign, but I look for McCaul to win by about 5 points since he has turned his message to a more positive tint in the last week. Streusand will no doubt start planning another run for Congress, as it is clear he has the political "bug" after spending a lot of his own money.

Duane McNeill, a former APD Commander and Constable Drew McAngus have waged an extremely close race thus far. I expect McAngus to win at a margin of about 55-45, much due to his relatively high name I.D. following his years as Constable and his previous run for sheriff.

The other Republic runoff is a Constable race between Andy Anderson and Thornton Keel (yes, another Keel). Look for Keel to win, but keep in mind that the Keel Machine will stop this November when Stephen Yelenosky defeats Patrick Keel for 345th District Judge .

Turnout for the runoff will probably be abismal, somewhere around 3% I would imagine. Check back soon for news on the upcoming races and initiatives on the May 15th Election Ballot.

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